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Integrated end-to-end profitability management for MEP contractors

Deliver MEP projects on time and on budget using Metrics MEP, the cloud-based takeoff, estimating and contract management solution designed to gain visibility on the profitability of your business

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See for yourself how you can save time and easily perform takeoff, create estimates and manage your project profitability. Material take off for construction projects has never been easier. After you’ve watched the video, sign up for a free 60 day trial to see Metrics MEP in action.

Perform digital takeoff in a user friendly environment and manage your jobs to ensure profitability.

30% of MEP contractors are going out of business

Too many MEP contractors go out of business because of inaccurate estimating, out of date material pricing and poor job cost management. How do you make sure you are not one of them?

Your focus is on producing highly accurate estimates to ensure the profitability of every job as this can make or break your business. There is no room for error with Metrics MEP.

Bad estimates lead to unprofitable jobs

You need an estimating program that allows you to perform takeoff accurately and create estimates from it without having to redo work.

Spreadsheets and manual takeoff methods using paper plans can be confusing and time consuming whilst you’re multitasking to source the correct construction materials and labour prices.

Your cash-flow management sucks

You are struggling to manage incoming and outgoing cash whilst you track expenses on material quantities and labour timesheets, send out purchase orders and receive invoices all against your project budget.

Separate MEP software is costing you money

You’re using different spreadsheets or estimating software that do not proficiently support you for performing takeoff and creating estimates day in day out.

Estimates should automatically feed data into procurement lists, timesheets and invoices to be more efficient in your job. Otherwise you’ll suffer from data loss, slow data migration and integration issues.

Stop guesstimating, start estimating your small MEP projects.

Leveraging the power of graphical takeoff, material pricing and labour, Metrics MEP helps you build accurate estimates faster.


Work the way you want to

Use traditional methods to perform manual takeoff, upload your quantities and measurements directly into Metrics MEP or digitalise the process with graphical takeoff to electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly and simultaneously fill in the bill of quantities.

Either way, you can produce takeoff sheets in a user friendly, digital estimating software dedicated for the UK quickly and accurately in a matter of minutes.


Integrate your estimates into contract management

There is no longer a need to worry over importing and exporting the right estimates to a separate contract management software.

Integration issues, data loss and slow data migration from disjointed workflows are now a thing of the past with the integrated Contract Management functionality. The seamless digital trail in the software transfers from your estimates to your procurement lists, timesheets and project admin without any mistakes.


Material and labour pricing from a trusted source

Metrics MEP uses the LUCKINS Database, the UK’s largest comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date catalog of Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing items.

Metrics MEP provides users with easy navigation settings to quickly find and produce accurate material quantities and labour estimates that can also be used for making quotes and ordering the materials required from your suppliers.

Work at anytime or from anywhere

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection. Whether you are onsite, in the office or at home you can keep a close eye on your projects to keep on top of your job profitability at any time.

With shared access, office administrators can help set up and finish the estimate so you have only to worry about filling in the trade-specific details.

The right feature set for UK MEP contractors

Graphical takeoff

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings, automatically filling in the takeoff sheet.

LUCKINS Database

Access to 500,000+ MEP items and UK labour times and costs to create detailed estimates.

Integrated Contract Management

Compile timesheets, procurement lists, quotes, invoices and purchase orders in a sleek, central platform

Cash-Flow Visibility

Monitor financial changes in real time and maintain a healthy cash-flow.

Cloud hosted

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection.

No training required

So easy to use, there's no need to take hours of software training.

Ready to boost your estimating workflow?

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Free 60 day trial, no credit card required

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