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Just the right feature set for MEP contractors

Trimble Metrics is the estimation and contract management tool for small projects


Adaptable Digital Takeoff

Easily perform graphical takeoff to electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly and simultaneously fill in the takeoff sheet. Or use the traditional takeoff methods to manually perform takeoff, upload your quantities and measurements directly into Trimble Metrics.

Either way, the sleek, digital software quickly and accurately performs takeoff.

Takeoff Sheets

Trimble Metrics emulates traditional paper takeoff sheets so you can work in an environment you are familiar with while leveraging the power of a sleek, digital estimating software. Say goodbye to paper!

LUCKINS Managed Library of 500,000+ Items

Trimble Metrics comes pre-configured with access to over half a million items from LUCKINS, the UK’s largest catalog of HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing material items. Ensure every estimate and procurement list you produce includes up-to-date manufacturer item information and list prices.

The LUCKINS database ensures that material items include manufacturer list prices which allows you to price items instantaneously to quickly create accurate estimates to produce quotes and order materials.

Systems and Material Configurations

Easily search systems and material picklists to categorise and group commonly used items to quickly create accurate material and labour estimates to produce quotes and order lists from your takeoff.

Labour & Labour Factoring

Create detailed labour estimates with labour time and costs to increase the accuracy of your bids by optimising the labour factoring feature in Trimble Metrics. Tailor your labour costs by applying a factor variable to reflect the efficiency of your labourers. Avoid costly errors by taking into account difficult on-site install situations by factoring the labour hours by drawing or by MEP system.


Manage labour and add cost items like prelims, overheads and subcontractors to your estimate. Effortlessly add tax, overheads and markups to calculate your final figure as accurately as possible.


Trimble Metrics automatically consolidates the items from multiple takeoff sheets and allows you to make any additional changes, in this summarised view, to material pricing or labour hours. You can also export quoted items into Excel for easy, accurate quotes.

Integrated Contract Management

Say goodbye to importing and exporting your bids and say hello to automatically integrated estimation and contract management functionality. Track and change the status of your bids to “won” and immediately transfer the data from your bill of quantities and labour costs to turn your estimate into a job.

Build and track the profitability of every job.


Trimble Metrics intuitively consolidates and displays the costs across multiple takeoff sheets in a central procurement list.

Gain better visibility of the materials from your estimate and group the data by system, manufacturer or floor for procurement, scheduling and project management. Secure better discounts from your suppliers by creating cross project project procurement lists to create a bulk order and drive down material costs.

Time Sheets

Monitor your labour costs with organised timesheets in Trimble Metrics. Use the dashboard to monitor in real time of how your labour costs stack up against your budget.

Purchase Orders, Invoices and Quote Management

Keep track of project admin with Trimble Metrics to send out and receive quotes, purchase orders and invoices. Trimble Metrics compiles all this information so you can maintain a healthy cash flow to make the best decision on every job.

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